Thoughts on Oly Lifting

I have found nothing more ego satisfying than hitting a new PR on one of the Olympic Lifts. When I started my fitness journey I didn’t expect to find them as fascinating, dynamic, or satisfying as I do. I think what makes them so interesting is that they are made up of several pieces, each of which needs to be examined and honed, but in the moment all you can do is GO and it’s either good or a failure and outside of a competition setting you can always step up and try it again.

The first time you hit a perfect Snatch and your brain goes, “That felt easy, so that’s how it’s supposed to feel.” is a great moment. I still remember my first critical hit in a D&D game too, it’s a similar experience.

Here are some excellent thoughts on training the Olympic Lifts:

One more D&D aside. This came up when discussing rope climbs this week but applies here, the shoes won’t make up for poor technique but a +2 equipment bonus never hurts.



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