Who I Am

My Creds:

CrossFit Trainer, Level 1

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

USAW Sports Performance Coach

Performance FMT

NPTI Graduate

Specific training/certification in KettleBells, TRX/Suspension, Nutrition, Programming, Group/Individual Training, Anatomy/Physiology


A Short History of Me

Long before a barbell was in my hands there were dice and X-Box controllers. I would never miss a new episode of ST:TNG or Babylon 5. Weekends meant D & D all day followed by late nights of  Dr. Who, Red Dwarf, and Anime on PBS.

As a teen I fancied myself a ninja, reading books, and dabbling in a variety of Martial Arts.

In college I majored in Psychology and became a Fencer. I studied all three Olympic swords as well as classical rapier, instructing for a year after graduation.

As a young adult I focused my martial arts training. Earning a black belt in 2010 and beginning to instruct as well.

In 2012, and in a complete surprise to myself, I discovered a passion for fitness. I was bitten by the bug and haven’t looked back since. (I also changed career paths and became a desk jockeying accountant.) This is when I realized that though I had always been active I wasn’t actually fit or “in good shape”.

In 2015, I jumped off a cliff. I quit the day job to chase this new fascination with fitness.

People often say they want the body they had in their twenties. I am so much stronger, fitter, and healthier than I ever was then. I just passed the marker where in D&D I’d start loosing physical stats due to age and all I can do is laugh.

My goal now is to give others the same experience that I have enjoyed. And I look forward to every new Star Wars and Marvel movie release just as much as you do.

You can also find me on Instagram and Tumblr.

GoT HS.jpg NorWesCon 1.jpg

Turns out when you try to do a handstand on the Iron Throne at a con in the middle of the night security pops out of nowhere and is none too thrilled. 🙂

Being fit helps cosplay too 😀