Don’t know where to start?

Begin at the beginning.


Is this the only place you post stuff?

I will tend to keep my blog posts here more professional and informative, lots of links to outside articles, etc. I post more fun, light hearted, pics/memes/humor, and elements of my personal fitness journey on my Tumblr.


What if I don’t want to do CrossFit?

CrossFit is just one paradigm for fitness. My training has included a variety of methods and philosophies. We can work together to find the right program to achieve your goals.


Can you help me plan my diet?

I can not prescribe a diet. I can offer some guidance and suggestions for nutrition that meets your goals and can help maximize performance.


But I can’t do “X” Thing I saw on youtube.

That won’t be a problem. We can scale or modify any movement/workout for your ability level. The first time I watch the CrossFit Games I saw people doing muscle-ups for the first time outside of the Olympics. It took me over half a year of training and work but I got them. We can do the same for you.


Can I lose weight without spending hours on a treadmill?

Yes. We are all familiar with the pictures on equipment at Glo-Bo gyms that show you the “Fat Burning Zone”. This probably helps sell cardio equipment. Weight Lifting and High Intensity Interval Training show better results for weight loss and muscle building.


I have an injury, so I can’t workout.

I’m injured too. I broke my collar bone in 2005, it has never been the same since. Not helping matters is that every male in my immediate family has shoulder issues. I’ve done a lot of work to strengthen my shoulders and have had to modify workouts time and again due to my shoulder injury. I can help you do the same. We will work together to prevent additional injuries, strengthen weaknesses, and increase freedom of movement.


Why would I do personal training instead of regular classes?

One of my first coaches said “CrossFit if for everyone, but not everyone is for CrossFit.” Not everyone enjoys the group setting even if they enjoy the challenges of CrossFit. Personal Training will also allow us to create programming tailored to your goals and objectives. As your personal trainer, my focus on you is not limited to our time together. Outside of our sessions I will be researching any issues that arise during the training sessions and planning our future sessions. CrossFit classes are designed for people, our training sessions will be designed for you.


Why 20 Sided?

I think Gary Gygax and Coach Glassman would have gotten along. Dungeons and Dragons has a table for everything. Need to build a treasure horde, town, NPC, combat encounter, … there’s a table for that and it usually involves a 20 Sided die. Within the game the success or failure of pretty much any action is up to the 20 Sided die. To me that die represents infinite combinations and infinite possibilities. One of the basic concepts that drew me to Crossfit and keeps me coming back it’s randomness as seen in the Hopper concept. If Gygax had been into Crossfit he would have designed WOD tables and they would use a 20 sided die. A great athlete is the one who is up for any challenge at any time with no prep. I think the same is true for a great D & D character.